Little Kickers

Creating tiny ninjas, one 30 minute class at a time

The Little Kickers program is designed specifically for pre-schoolers aged 3 – 5.

Students learn basic martial arts techniques while they develop age appropriate motor and social skills.

The combination of Taekwondo and fun helps students improve their balance, focus, patience, flexibility and self control in a non-competitive, confidence building environment.


TueAges 3 - 53:30 pm4:00 pm
WedAges 3 - 511:00 am11:30 am
ThuAges 3 - 53:30 pm4:00 pm

How do I know if my child is ready?

While our Little Kickers program is specifically designed for ages 3-5, not all children in this age range will be ready as each individual develops at his/her own pace.

It is important that all students are able to listen to and follow directions so they can stay safe in class.

Key readiness signs include:

  • Your child is potty trained.
  • Your child is able to answer simple questions like “What color is your shirt?” or “How old are you?”
  • Your child is able to follow 1 and 2 step directions such as “Run when you hear the word go.”
  • Your child is able to actively engage in 30 minutes of structured activity.


Meggie Presti
Craig Presti
Juliet Bost
Melanie Felman


Pricing for our Little Kickers program ranges from $99/m to $135/m according to the frequency of attendance you’d like.

Getting Started

Come try class, it's on us :)

Schedule a free trial for your little one(s) via the form below. You'll also need to complete the waiver before joining us on the mats.


Our son really enjoyed your virtual camp. He looked forward to it every day and it was a wonderful way for him to get some exercise, try new things, and connect with others in a fun and engaging way. And for us parents, it was a lifesaver. Thank you!!

- Parent of child that attended Spring Camp

We’ve been really impressed by the transition into virtual classes. My son has been engaged and continues to learn dispite not having the physical interaction. CoreTKDs creative thinking has produced fun extra classes/family events such as sock nunchucks, cooking and family bingo. CoreTKD is our happy place during a much needed time!!

- Lisa, parent of student in Childrens programs

We have been so happy at Core Taekwondo. My 3 and 5 year old both love taking classes with Master Meggie and her staff, and have learned so much in the past 8 months.

- Crystal, parent of students in Children and Little Kicker programs

The camp was filled with fun-packed activities such as swimming and playtime at the park. When summer ended, she asked us to sign her up again for the next summer.

- Galen, parent of student from Summer Camp

My son embraced Core Learning's fun, afterschool learning program from Day 1. He comes home talking about oceans, animals and all the facts that he has learned. Core has ignited his curiosity and love for learning, and the fact that he also gets all the taekwondo training that he can handle is icing on the cake!

- Rod, parent of student in Afterschool Program

Core Taekwondo just brings out the best in our son. He's become more physically coordinated, as well as more confident in his approach to everything from school work to hitting a baseball. We credit Core with playing a pivotal role in his overall development. It’s the one activity that seems to have the greatest positive effect on all the others. And above all our son loves being there.

- Eugene, parent of student in Afterschool Program

I have noticed that when my children are irritable, going to class settles them down. My son especially benefits, because he is a very physical kid. The combination of physical exercise and self-awareness is a big win for both kids. These skills will serve them well into their adult years.

- Elizabeth, parent of teenage students

As a beginner adult, it’s been difficult to find a martial arts class where I’m not surrounded by children. After all, one doesn’t need to be a kid to want to try something new. I’m learning self-defense strategies, memorizing forms, strengthening, varying my boring elliptical routine, and having fun with like-minded adults!

- Geri, Adult program

Jumping into a martial arts program as an adult can be incredibly daunting. Core Taekwondo took me back to the basics, working at a pace that is individualized, and pushes me to grow and do better in a safe and fun way. The classes give you a fantastic cardio workout, in addition to focusing on self control, self esteem, and safety in self defense. Amazing, dedicated instructors, that treat each student like family!

- Daniel, Adult program

I come from a background in Olympic lifting and have always felt like I had a good base level of strength and fitness. What I was missing was flexibility and confidence in my skills to defend myself. The adult program has been tremendously beneficial in improving my flexibility and educating me on how best to get out of a difficult situation.

- Craig, Adult program
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